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ZoomTown is Cincinnati Bell's brand name for high-speed Internet Access. ZoomTown is also referred to as an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) service. ADSL is a technology that enables you to obtain high-speed access to the Internet over your existing copper phone line, without purchasing an additional line. ZoomTown uses special technology to separate voice signals from high-speed data signals, and ZoomTown allows you to simultaneously make voice calls while maintaining a high-speed online data connection. Cincinnati Bell is a regional telecommunications service provider based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. It provides landline telephone, fiber-optic Internet, and IPTV services through its subsidiaries Cincinnati Bell Telephone and Hawaiian Telcom, which are the incumbent local exchange carriers for the Cincinnati and Dayton metropolitan areas and Hawaii. Other subsidiaries provide enterprise information technology services and long-distance calling.

Back in March 1989, RICK VAN SANT wrote the following article for UPI NEWS about Cincinnati Bell chairman denying wiretap allegations

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati Bell Inc. (ZoomTown) Chairman Dwight Hibbard said Friday allegations by two former employees that the telephone company ordered 1,200 illegal wiretaps are false and ludicrous. Former Bell employees Leonard Gates fired in 1986, and Robert Draise, fired in 1979, claim Bell authorized them to illegally wiretap 1,200 telephones over 12 years. They allege many prominent citizens, including judges and politicians, were wiretap victims. 'The very idea is ludicrous,' Hibbard said. 'This is a fantasy of two renegades, both of whom were fired and who seek retribution.' A federal grand jury is investigating the allegations and several multi-million dollar civil lawsuits have been filed because of the charges. Although the ex-employees made their charges several months ago, it wasn't until Friday that the phone company called a news conference to deny them. 'We just plain goofed,' Hibbard said when asked why the company hadn't called a news conference earlier. 'We should have been out sooner.' Hibbard said the company had completed its own 'thorough investigation' of charges of a 'grand conspiracy to spy on prominent citizens.' 'I am here to tell you as plainly as I can that there was no conspiracy,' he said. 'Cincinnati Bell has never -- and never will - order, authorize or condone illegal wiretaps.' Hibbard contended the conspiracy allegation 'collapses under its own weight.' 'We are accused of being in cahoots with the FBI,' said Hibbard. 'Think of it -- more than 1,200 illegal wiretaps? What would our motive or the FBI's motive be for spying on leading businessmen, politicians, judges, and media executives in Cincinnati? Spying on 1,200 people - think of the workforce required to collect and process all those conversations. It would take an army.' Two Bell security department workers, Jim West, and Pete Gabor were singled out by Gates and Draise as having authorized illegal wiretaps. Both West and Gabor recently volunteered to take lie detector tests and Hibbard said the tests showed they were telling the truth when they denied the allegations. 'They emerged as clean as a hound's tooth,' said Hibbard. 'We will be glad to pay the cost of lie detector tests on Gates and Draise. Let's have them undergo the test.' 'We were never a party to any illegal wiretaps,' Hibbard said. 'The accusations are false.'


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RSTII Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"The training was not good at all. I found out that I was there temporarily therefore I was not offered or had any opportunity to be trained on some of the other equipment. My overall experience was short but not sweet at all. One person I worked with was very nasty when it came to training."

Help Desk Support (Former Employee) says

"The worst experience of my life. Do not work here. I left after 3 months, extremely stressed and depressed. I walked out after having a complete mental breakdown and no one noticed till a week later. My fellow coworkers would sing songs about committing suicide because everyone hated their job. (Fifth Third Help Desk section)NothingEverything"

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"Don't bother wasting your time with this company, unless you like to treated like a nobody and unappreciated. This place was only a paycheck for a short time and that's all it took. The regional and site manager are terrible. If you kiss up enough, you may be let into their "IN" crowd. This place cares more for their accounts than they do for their employees. Now I get it, it's the accounts that pay the money and have to keep them happy. But if they are mistreating your employees, man up and defend them. Don't just side with them and make your employee feel horrible when they did nothing wrong. The client isn't always right!!! My site manager cared more about her course homework than she did for her employees. She was always doing her homework at work during work hours instead of making sure her subordinates had what they needed. She even participated in a "How would you handle this situation" test over the phone for her course. She was loud and obnoxious and nothing was said to her. Again, she kissed up so much, no one cared. Thank goodness this place was only a stepping stone to my next opportunity where I was paid so much more and was treated as though I mattered!!! I will never again give this place a second of my time!!!!Nothing...maybe the small paycheck I gotHow employees were treated if you actually did your job"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Place is extremely understaffed. You are placed on Memory Care Wing by yourself after 3 days to care for the whole Wing, plus laundry and housekeeping duties. Pay is not worth the work.NoneUnderstaffed."

Staffing Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The management is horrible here they don’t back you up they write you up for everything don’t help staff I hated it here and they under paid with no staff"

Telecom III Lead (Former Employee) says

"they only want someone to fill a contract that they had at the time and could not get someone to only work that contract and hired me only to fill that contract and let me go after. They only need someone for less then 6 months but I worked hard and stayed longernonemany"

Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"No advancement. They find reasons to write you up and fire you. They watch you on camera all day. Low pay for work. Not a good company. Alot of favoritismClients are niceNo advancement. Not team players. They think your a slave"

Helpdesk/Desktop Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Pomeroy as a Helpdesk Support Technician having to deal with everyday issues that customers would have. Starting with internet issues and went as far as dealing with internal issues of a customers network.great hoursalot of employee churn"

Inventory Control Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A terrible environment to work in. Unprofessional and childish. Gossip and drunken alcoholics.management did not have any respect for people. too much favoritismpaycheckeverything else"

Helpdesk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"just dont...maybe if you need a start in I.T but don't expect to learn much there. scripted, boring, life sucking work and the managers are absolutely dreadful, especially on Cintas desk.Every darn thing"

Retail Service Technician 1 (Former Employee) says

"Run Away Fast From This Company!! When I started with this company, there was an insurance requirement to meet the state minimums to drive. About 9 months in, the company increased the insurance requirements on the coverage required to drive, without any additional compensation. The increased requirements caused my insurance premium to increase. This company's culture is very disjointed, having been bought out, in addition to buying other companies. There is no defined culture, coworkers throw others under the bus in petty workplace politics, and very low morale because of it."

Lead Tape/Print Computer Operator (Former Employee) says

"It was a very hectic place of work. I was made to take on all of the primary responsibilities including new hires and my supervisor. I received a pay increase of .7 cents"

FIELD SERVICE TECH I (Former Employee) says

"if you like being paid .41 cents a mile (standard rate is 54.5 per mile) for wrecking your own car , being yelled at constantly, no supportive co-workers, never a pay raise, you will love this job. if you expect to be treated with any respect, wrong place to work.can't think of anytoo many to list"

Computer Repair Technican (Former Employee) says

"Constantly changing requirements for jobs. Requiring more and paying less Customers not happy with management No real benefits to anyone who worked in field serviceNo Free Lunchesvery hard to take time off"

It Services - Inventory Specialist (Former Employee) says

"under paid and absolutely no benefits no paid time off or holiday pay. HR department leaves a lot to be desired too. Communication was very slim to non-existent"

Site Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Low wages Bad benefits No management No training No motivation Uneducated employees Way too many certifications needed Contractor for a company who make working with difficultEasy workEverything else"

Deployment Technician (Childrens Medical Hospital) says

"Basically worked you hard everyday and didn't pay you for what you are worth. Had to unload and upload trucks daily outside with computer equipment on very large carts. Then transport these carts through the children hospital hoping that you don't accidently run over someone, then start installing new computer equipment in offices after backing up there hard drives. You are sweating from the time you start until you clock out. I would not recommend this job to anyone unless they are planning to start paying 24.00 minimum.No prosThey work you hard and don't pay enough."

Help Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"was not what was expected initially. the job details versus the actual onsite was completely poor.Management was lackluster.They will not pay you your first check of new position"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"It's a job you get to gain experience and then leave as soon as you can because there is no growth or work life balance thought they say there is. The location is easy to get to and there are some decent people here but this place is like any other call center."

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The work is hectic, the management does not care about work life balance especially during the holidays, the pay was $17.25 per hour, we were stretched extremely thin, to the point I was covering the entire Chicago area. if you have the choice between unemployment and this job, I would choose unemployment.Work truck, work cellphone, work laptopToo many to list, management is the worst"

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